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Rajesh Pathak

  • Village : RAJOD
  • Tehsil : Sardarpur
  • district : DHAR
  • Gotra : SHANDILYA
  • Bheru/KulDevi: Kul Devi : Virat
Personal Information
Mother Information
Wife Information
Information of Father's Sister(With Husband Name and Mool Niwasi)

Information of Married Sisters(With Husband /Father in law name and Mool Niwasi )

Smt. Anita W/o Shree Anil Dubey
Father in law name- Let. Shree Chironjilal Dubey
Mool Niwasi -Sehore(M.P.)

Information of Married Daughters( With Husband /Father in law name and Mool Niwasi )

Unmarried Sons/Daughters Information

Daughters Information
Miss Sneha Pathak Student Of B.E.(C.S.) III Year
Miss Shweta Pathak Student Of Class 11

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